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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Random 1?

The mission of Random 1 in real life, on television, and on the web is to make a positive difference in the lives of strangers picked "at random". Random 1 LLC is a media production company that documents the stories of helping people.

How did Random 1 get started?

In 1996 two friends - one black, one white, and polar opposites beneath the surface as well - embarked on a journey in an old rusted pick-up. Their mission was to meet strangers at random and try to make a difference in their lives. Most of what they did for people worked. Though sometimes, things would go horribly wrong. Regardless, the experiences brought forth in the friends a strong sense of purpose, not to mention the addictive thrill of encountering the unknown.

In 1999, they began documenting their experiences on film. During the spring of 2001, three volunteer producers joined their mission and worked from a dusty basement office to facilitate solutions for the random encounters. During the fall of 2004 an RV manufacturer, Dynamax Corporation, loaned the 3-person support team a high tech RV to call home. And so was born Random 1, an undercover philanthropic organization.

The story about the two men, their pick-up and the grassroots movement began to spread. In April of 2005, the organization teamed up with A&E Television Networks. The network has decided to allow the true story experiences to begin airing as a documentary series on November 1, 2005. Find out what happens as the two men continue their mission across America in search of the perfect random 1.

What does Random 1 believe?

We believe in the power of grassroots philanthropy, defined as people helping people one at a time. Random 1 advocates for individuals who are ready to better themselves. We ask the question, "What can we do to help you help yourself?"

We are a part of a much larger network of people who want to make a difference for themselves and those around them. We are the spark of energy that connects those in need with those who can help. Random 1 tackles problems and opens initial doors for those in need while utilizing help from donors and an on-line pool of suggestions in real time.

How did Random 1 turn into a TV series?

Above all, random encounters teach the lessons "never-say-never" and "always believe". The beginnings were undocumented experiences of two friends driving in an old pick-up, meeting and helping complete strangers. But as a documentary filmmaker, John recognized their experiences as unusual and began filming his time with Andre - slowly shaping the footage into something that could one day become television. All the while continuing to help people, one at a time.

Then in January 2004, John was introduced to Tim Kaiser, an executive producer on the hit television sitcom Will & Grace, and Tim took further interest in shaping the Random 1 encounters into a television series. The momentum grew; a new one-hour pilot was shot, and after many pitch meetings, it was sold. Now Random 1, the original television series, premieres on A&E Television Networks November 1, 2005 at 10pm. A&E has not only enabled the Random 1 team to continue to do what they have always done, but the experiences and stories of the people helped by Random 1 are now available to you on television. Also check out the behind the scenes transmissions, at R1 Transmitter , where you can get involved and help us... help strangers.

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