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After each week the Random 1 stories will have a home here!   Scroll down and watch the stories you missed!

"Hope for the Holidays" - Steven's Story 12:06
Steven is a former chef who is out of a job and just days away from losing his apartment and moving into a shelter. He can't bring himself to think how this will affect the star of his life - his young daughter, Asia.

Random1 meets Steven when ...

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"Courage to Quit" PART 1 - Cleveland and Gary's Story 12:20
When the Random 1 team meets Cleveland, his request for cell phones seems like something they can handle. Then they learn that Cleveland is unhappy at his job. And when Random 1 offers to help him, he suddenly quits. Now the R1 team has to get results, or...

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"Courage to Quit" - Cleveland and Gary's Story Continued 12:35
Last week John and Andre met Cleveland. And while helping him they met Gary who hopped in Jackie to experience the journey. As the team worked to help Cleveland, he began to have trouble breathing.  This left the R1 team wondering if they were in over...

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"Tending Dreams" - Tom & Mary's Story 13:29
Mary is married to Tom. Their dream of opening their own bar is stuck in bureaucratic hell. But it’s more than their livelihood that is on the line, it’s their marriage.  Random 1 takes on the task of helping them navigate the red tape tha...

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"Out of the Woods" - Joe and Mark's Story 12:10
Random 1 meets Joe, a crack addict, and Mark, an alcoholic. Both are homeless and estranged from their families.  Random 1 offers both men the same opportunities for detox and a fresh start, but soon learn that the people they meet along the way aren'...

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"Out of the Woods" - Mark's Story Continued 12:24
Mark is a homeless alcoholic who lives in a tent in the woods.  This week Random 1 is stepping further into Mark's world by going to see where he lives.   Are John and Andre in over their heads?
Mark is faced with a tough decision when...

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"Hung Out to Dry" Kim's Story - 13:37
Kim is a school bus driver who is having a rough time recovering from a bad marriage.  Overwhelmed by moving into a new apartment, taking care of her teenage son and dealing with her damaged self-esteem.  Her request is simple.  Random 1 soo...

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"Permission to Grow" - Kevin's Story 16:02
Random 1 meets Kevin, a shy, young man with special needs. He has a simple request - help him find his first date.  Even though John and Andre are not in the match-making business they decide to give it a try. When Christina steps out of her car, they...

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"Tough Breaks" - Terrence's Story 13:03
Terrence was on top of the world, a successful Christian R&B singer with a promising record deal. But now he’s fallen on hard times – no job, no car, and desperately behind on child support. Although Random 1 sets out to respond to his need...

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"The Model Stripper" - Amber's Story 15:36
Amber is a former stripper who has always dreamed of being a model.  Random 1 takes on the mission hoping to help her jump start her modeling career.  As the team starts to make things happen for Amber, her boyfriend, who is confused by our inten...

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"Taking the Weight Off" - Mike's Story 11:31
Random 1 meets Mike as he's walking down the road.  At almost 400 pounds he is severely overweight and depressed. Although he is currently living with his sister, he is only weeks away from having to move into a shelter.  Random 1 takes on the ta...

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"Grace Under Pressure" - Kim's Story 12:48
Kim is a database professional who dreams of working for a non-profit organization but has not managed to make the move herself. The Random 1 team steps up and helps Kim find a way to follow her dream.

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"The Maestro" - Jan's Story 13:38
Jan is a street musician who needs his keyboard repaired. The Random 1 team takes on this mission, but  in order to help Jan they have to work around his angry roommate Mary.

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"Johnny Oxygen & The Butterfly" - John and Erin's Stories 20:15
John is a 60 year-old man with a degenerative lung disease. The sweltering heat in his apartment and his addiction to cigarettes worsen his condition.  Random 1 attempts to find him a donated AC unit and the support to help John kick his habit. In the...

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"Robyn's New Wings" - Robyn's Story 11:00
All Robyn wants is to go back to college. What seems like a simple request gets complicated when Random 1 discovers the reasons for her dropping out of school. Now they must find a way to give her the confidence to overcome the serious spousal abuse she ha...

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